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Office Space For Sale

Advertiser: Antony  |  City: Bengaluru  |  Posted: Oct 07, 2015 8:14 AM  |  Hits: 1178
Buy a commercial / office space property in a fully Tenanted Tech Park, occupied with the MNC tenants like AXA & HGS and get up to 10.5% ROI. Rent starts from the date of registration with attractive terms like 15 Year Rental Term, 15% Rent increase every 3 years, 10 Months Rental Deposit and cost & management of Property / Common Area Maintenance under Tenant’s scope. Act fast as we have already booked more than 50% of the space.

Location: GB Palya, Hosur Road, Bangalore

Call us at 99 0000 1315 to get more information or email us at property@novelteam.com.
Or Visit us at www.novelteam.com/index.php/novel-group/investors

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